Role-Play Guide: Drive-By

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Role-Play Guide: Drive-By

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Why I am making this guide: I am simply making this guide to inform and convince others of my way of role-play. I personally avoid drive-by's as of peoples often don't role-play injuries. I do understand however in 15.1 you are forced to role-play them and this is the first thing that popped up in my head. You may think that drive-by's are only gang related but in some cases they are not, as Mafia and even Police (Back in the Day) used this technique. I hope you enjoy and benefit from my effort here.

Basic Commands Used in Drive-By's Wrote:- /fall
- /injured
- /drunk (stumbling around after being shot maybe once.)
- The 'G' Key, leaning out the window. (Not really a command.)

Server Drive-by Rules Wrote:1. Drive-by's are limited to one per day.
2. Do these sparringly and strategically.
3. Hit once, and leave, do not circle back and do it again.
These rules basically sum up everything, however I will elaborate.

Part 1: Preparation
This part of the guide is for the players performing the drive-by. I will make a checklist that you should follow before being fully allowed to do the Role-play that is needed.

Drive-By Check List Wrote:[ ] - Windows Down.
[ ] - Having an SMG Available via IG Actions.
[ ] - Seatbelt is off.
[ ] - Role-playing leaning out of the window in a sturdy, realistic position.

Part 2: Role-playing Injuries
Alright, so to give you a brief description on this part is to be realistic.

Checklist: After being Shot in a Drive-by Wrote:[ ] Was I shot? If so how many times. (1-2 Shots = /drunk Stumble, 3+ = /fall or /injured.)
- This is pretty much it, Role-playing your injuries makes everybodies life easier and increases your gangs reputation, EVEN if you were killed. I can't stress it enough that the key part of a drive-by is the participation of the victim.

Part 3: Using Other Weapons
Ever wonder how to use a Desert Eagle for a drive-by? Here is my method.

Drive-By With Other Weapons Wrote:Basically what you do is crouch ontop of the car. In doing so you may use any weapon you wish, as you are Role-Playing from in the car. I find it fair, because you're a huge target.
Steps in Performing:
1. Crouch ontop of the car with wish to drive-by with.
2. Role-play being INSIDE of that current car, no exceptions.
3. Role-play the SAME as in Part 1! Again, no exceptions!
4. You CANNOT jump off of the hood of the car and start shooting, you must role-play fully exiting the car and exiting out of aim mode.
Rules for this Method:
1. Only one person may do this.
2. It can only be used for Desert Eagles, AK's, and M4's. Molotovs are a big no, because realistically you couldn't throw far from inside a car.


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