Basic Roleplay guide!

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Basic Roleplay guide!

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Alright, to start with basic things.
/me's and /do's.
* iOrale slides his cellphone out of his pocket.
/do It's an iPhone ( example ).

* iOrale rubs his chin while looking around.
* iOrale takes a seat on the chair/sofa.

How to use /do's.

/do's are based on IC information, they are OOC but's it's based on IC.
You see someone with a mask, you want to know what he is wearing on his face, example: sunglasses, blindfold.

You ask this:
/do What do you wear on your face?
And if he is going to answer you back, he will do it like this:
/do Black sunglasses.

Maybe he will tell you more details, like his clothes etc. Maybe he got a skinmod and he looks way different than the skin you see. So everytime ask him, /do How do you look like? What clothes do you wear?


You can't take large weapons out of your pocket or unholster them from your belt. It's non-rp.
You can RP it like this: /do Dennis is carrying a sportsbag in his hand/on his back.
* iOrale unzips the bag and digs into the bag taking out an AK47/M4/MP5. ( Or anything else ).
* iOrale zips the bag closed and swings it back/puts it on the ground.

You don't need /me's for handguns, like knives or Deagle's. But it would improve the RP, so.. here is a example:

* iOrale lifts his shirt up and slides his Deagle out of his waist taking the safety off.

* iOrale puts the safety of the Deagle on and lifts his shirt up sliding the Glock.17 in.

You can simply use keybinders, much easier and it takes 0,2 seconds to press a button. (If you are lazy not, lol).

Roleplaying a car crash.

When you are driving on a sunny day, and someone appears unexpectly infront of you, crashing into your car, RP the following:

• Check your seatbelt.
• Use /me's or /do's, example:

/do Airbag pops out.
/do My head is bleeding, my nose has been broken.
* iOrale shakes his head very slowly.
* iOrale takes his seatbelt off carefully.
/attempt to push the airbag away a bit so he can move around.
* iOrale attempts to open the door.
/do Locked/Unlocked : Depends on it. ( In this case unlocked ).
* iOrale steps out carefully.
* iOrale looks at the other car.
* iOrale tries to stay awake after being hit hardly. ( You can always roleplay if you got hit hardly/softly ).
* iOrale reaches to his pocket sliding out his cellphone.
* iOrale calls the emergency line.
/phone - Call - 911.
You: Medics.
You: I need immediatly help after having a carcrash, please s..en..d me.. a ambu..lance..
( Hopefully the ambulance will arive, if not, RP it yourself. )

Remember: ALWAYS ROLEPLAY A CARCRASH.. both sides. If you drive off without roleplaying a carcrash and an admin caught you, you will be punished for non-rp.

Roleplaying being shot/injured.

If you are in a shoot-out and you got shot, the first thing you have to RP is:

/do Where did I get shot?
And if the shooter doesn't answer you, RP it yourself like this:
/do I got shot in my right leg.

* iOrale falls down and hits the ground.
* iOrale looks around slowly and moves his view to his bleeding leg.
* iOrale holds his leg tightly.
( Try to call the emergency line, if you don't want to RP that, RP with someone else or take care of it yourself ).
* iOrale crawls to his car.
* iOrale opens the backdoor and gets inside the backseat carefully.
* iOrale reaches under the front passenger seat and takes a medi-kit.
* iOrale opens the medi-kit and takes a knife out of it.
* iOrale cuts the area of his pants where the wound is.
/attempt to take the bullet out of his leg using the knife. (If you fail, try to RP more and /attempt over 10 seconds again.)
'' It Succeeds ''.
* iOrale drops the knife on the floor and reaches to the medi-kit.
* iOrale takes a syringe out of the kit and a small bottle alcohol.
* iOrale takes the cap of the bottle off, and drips some alcohol on his wound.
* iOrale pours the alcohol on his wound.
'' This helps to prevent infections and such ''.
* iOrale pricks the syringe in his leg using it.
/do There are some anaesthetize stuff in it so it he won't feel it.
* iOrale takes the syringe out and puts it back in the kit.
* iOrale takes some thread and a needle from the kit.
* iOrale starts sewing the thread to his leg, closing the wound.
/do 1/4
/do 2/4
* iOrale notices his wound is full with blood.
* iOrale takes a bottle water from the kit and takes the cap off, using the water to clean his leg.
* iOrale rips a piece from his shirt using it to dry the wound and holds his leg thightly so it won't bleed.
* iOrale remains closing the wound.
/qu Argh.. it still hurts a bit..
/do 3/4
/do 4/4
/do Done.

* iOrale throws the remaining thread away and puts the needle back in the kit.
* iOrale takes some bandage from the kit.
* iOrale starts wrapping the bandage around his wound.
/do 1/3.
/do 2/3.
/do 3/3.
/do Done.


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