How do i use the chat?

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How do i use the chat?

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/(o)oc: (If the OOC ain't disabled). First of all, you do not write something that would provokate other people, plus you don't insuilt other people. You fully do respect the adminstrators/moderators while writing in the chat. Write some usefull, and not something like: "God, my dick is green with a flower on. " You write something that people might help you with or, you can also chat with everyboady. But you're not allowed to talk IC talk in the chat.

Normal text (Radio, Phone, Advertisements/Pressing the button " T "): This chat is only an IC chat, you're allowed to say everything like you do in real life. but you don't use words like, "k" = Okay, "u" = you, "WTF" = What the fuck or "OMG" = Oh my god. You only you. You don't write, like "Hey noob, u are an idiot, k? " That means that you don't understand OOC and IC, wich means you have to go read the rules + OOC and IC tutorials.

/(f)action: You get this chat if you're member of some faction. It's the OOC chat for your faction and not the IC chat. Also, don't write something that would provokate another player, plys you don't insuilt other people.

/report: This command is to report players who is breaking the rules of the server. This command can be used to get help to, if you maybe need an administrator, then you should report it too. Remember everytime to REPORT when you need help with anything and remember to "Write down the reason" why you need help with it.


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