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Or murder. It is a serious crime that it will definetely put police as your tail, and possibly FBI . Such a serious thing, taking a man's life and there are people that kill more than 4 people daily.

The thing is, no, not in a shootout. There you only think how to survive. And the solution is to either run away or shoot your enemies down. In a shootout I would prefer to keep shooting my enemies. Yeah, we all enjoy way too much shooting, as adrenaline meets us and acts together with us. Even if we look to a mirror our expression while shooting in SAMP, you'll regret it, trust me.

Now, there are some reasons that are really silly to kill somebody. Also you can be ajailed for deathmatching. Such as:
" he stole my car " . Call the police or track your car using your GPS . No need to kill.
" he saw my face " . That is truly your problem. You should wear a mask before doing a crime. Secrecy is what you need, not erase whole server.
" he insulted me " . Who cares. Insult him back. You won't kill somebody IRL will you?

I can keep posting hundreads of silly explanations a player told me to avoid being jailled due to my time as an administrator.
I got a solution on this , and it's one word : Beating

Why you have forgotten this thing? Most of the times situations like these above end you up, having a firearm aimed at the other player's head. And you pull the trigger. Why? You have already neutralised him. Why not to beat him and teach him a lesson.

The RP can go on just like pulling the trigger, even much more funny and enjoyable. You beat him, you throw him out of your car while running or throw him into a bin. You don't have to kill him.

My point is, beat your enemy. Don't use your firearm just to make it fast and be the one who wins always.


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