Correct and Incorrect reasons for killing

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Correct and Incorrect reasons for killing

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Correct and Incorrect reasons for killing.
I notice this is a very common problem, everyone thinks they are untouchable and capable of murdering people whenever they want like no one in real life is. So I will make this little guide.

Insults are not a valid reason for killing someone. Perhaps beating them up, hitting them, I dunno. Killing in this case is very illogical and stupid. More trouble than healing your hurt pride. This is the most common one, people get butthurt and decide to teach the other person a lesson because it's only a video game and they know the consequences won't be nearly as severe, if at all.

Car accidents are not a valid reason for killing someone. So they hit your car, and it was an accident. Talk it out, have them pay you, call the police, I dunno. Killing in this case is far more trouble than paying off your car damage.

Being somewhere you don't want them to be is not a valid reason to kill them. Ask them to leave, if they don't, beat them up or something. Killing them may be a valid thing to do in a very rare situation like this, such as them being a witness to a previously valid killing, in which case paying them is also a good thing to do.

Physical harm can be a valid reason to kill someone, but probably not. Just fight back, hurt them, injure them. Don't kill them and take the many risks that it entails to be a murderer.

Pulling a gun may or may not be a valid reason. Think about the situation. Are you arguing, or are you in a hostage situation? I am trusting you to judge this correctly.

Shooting at you is the most valid reason to kill someone. Go for it.

There are very extreme cases for all of these in which case you may have a valid reason, but it's most likely not and you just want to use your gun. Think about it first.

Ways to kill someone are also a problem I've noticed. Don't do it in front of a lot of people, don't do it in any public place, unless both of these are absolutely necessary. Take them somewhere private, pull the trigger once, and it's done. Stab them a few times, done.

Trust me when I say that a beating is far more RP in almost every case where you think it's okay to kill someone.

Thank you.


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