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SAPD reinstatement applications are currently OPEN.

We are accepting people with former Lead Officer and Corporal (Non Commanding Officer) rank or above(former Commanding Officer, former High Commanding Officer).

We are not accepting any NCO applications except from ex Lead Officers and Corporals.

SAPD Reinstatement Form

Full Name:

Phone number:

Former Rank:

Date Left:

Reason for leaving?:

Who was leading the PD when you left?:

Anyone who can approve you have been in the station before?:

Why do you want to get reinstated back into the PD ? (Minimum of 100 words):

(( Title format: [Reinstatement] - [Firstname Lastname] ))


Mesaje : 20
$ : 60
Respect : 0
Data de inscriere : 17/07/2011

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