I have car modifications and I crash on MRP!

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I have car modifications and I crash on MRP!

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Do not mod cars that can enter Wheel Arch Angels or Loco Low unless you know what you are doing.


Because you cannot simple replace the .txd and .dff.

There are many other textures and models involving spoilers, hoods, roofs, blah, that are NOT compatible with most car mods.

But I want to mod them?

Well if you are technically advanced you will be able to search hard and find mods which are specifically designed for the car you want to mod and include all of the extra files needed, but you cannot just install any mod on these cars.

I only crash on MRP?

Well the majority of servers you will connect to won't have a fully modded version of your car spawned.

Find any server, get your modded car, take it to the mod shop, mod it, and YOU WILL CRASH.


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