SAPD - RECRUITMENT San Andreas Police Department Application

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SAPD - RECRUITMENT San Andreas Police Department Application

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San Andreas Police Department
Police Cadet Application Form
Applications are currently -OPEN-

Job Requirements

Excellent communicator, real team player, honest, enthusiastic, assertive, respecter of other peoples' rights and committed to serving the community.

These are just some of the words to describe who we are looking for, people who can make a difference and are not afraid to face what can be very challenging situations. If you think they describe you then read on because you may just be the type of person we are looking for.

* All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
* All applicants must posses a full San Andreas driving license.
* All applicants must be fit enough to have an active outdoors job.
* All applicants must NOT posses any serious criminal charges (Non-driving offences.
* All applicants must be ready to take part in an intense and long academy that may last several hours.

(( Anybody applying must be level 3 or above. This is because we don't want new people to just dissapear,
and certain features of MRP which SAPD take advantage of require this too! ))

Job Benefits

* You are in a stable job which is government funded.
* A healthy salary which will give you a good quality of life.
* A satisfying job where you will find yourself interacting with the community you live in.
* Free dental care and priority health care.

Recruitment Officers

Recruitment Officers are members of the SAPD's Recruitment Department who are the only ones authorized to review your application, organize academies etc. Recruitment Officers are the following:


Application Format Wrote:[Picture of the applicant] ((you can do * picture of X*))
In-game level (OOC):
Age (OOC):
Age (IC):
Phone Number (IC):
House Address (IC):
Geographical location (OOC):
Past Character Names + Levels (OOC):
Are you in an official OR unofficial faction with another account(OOC)?


The last four questions should be answered in detail. At least a healthy paragraph for each question is recommended. The answers you place here will decide whether you are accepted to attend an academy or not. Your English ability should be at an acceptable level.


Please list all educational institutions that you have studied at and what qualifications you received there:

Please list all previous employment, highlighting any which may give you an advantage over other applicants:

What qualities and skills do you posses that may give you an advantage over other applicants?

What interests you about the SAPD?

Any criminal record?

(( ** IMPORTANT ** ))

Do NOT submit an application if you can not answer Yes for ALL further questions.

Do you posses a working, clear microphone:

Do you have Ventrilo installed:

Do you know how to use Ventrilo:

Do you speak clearly and confidently in English:

(( ** IMPORTANT ** ))


Mesaje : 20
$ : 60
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Data de inscriere : 17/07/2011

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