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What is MaBay?

MaBay is an internet website where you can post free classified ads for
possessions worth $20,000 or more.

Regular classified ads will be available for 7 days after you post them,
after the 7 days they will be archived.

Why use MaBay?

Regular advertisement system only work if you are able to answer your
phone or are able to speak to the person in real time. MaBay, will work
for you whether you are asleep, busy, or are out of town.


Rule 1: You MUST either put a [BUYING] or [SELLING]
prefix at the front of your MaBay topic. We do not accept
threads without a prefix!

Rule 2: You are only able to post about real things that you can
touch. Cars and houses are examples of these. Downloads cannot be
touched so they are not allowed!

Rule 3: To keep saBay organized and updated, our moderation team
will archive anything which is more than 7
days old whether a sale has been made or not!

Rule 4: NOTHING is allowed to be sold here costing less than $20,000.[b]


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