Gang Realism Rules!

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Gang Realism Rules!

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Gang Realism Rules
These rules count for all gangs, unofficial AND official.If you are not following these rules, you could risk your official status (either loose it if you are official or not get it if you are unofficial).


Gang members are disallowed from using the following weapons:
- Sniper Rifle

(If you get hold of a sniper rifle IC, you really wouldn't use it. You'd probably sell it or something. Realistic you wouldn't have the money to buy one, so you'd probably have stolen it from someone.)


Gang members are disallowed from IC'ly owning vehicles which cost $10,000 or more at market value.

(If you own them, keep them away from your turf and never use them while RP'ing properly as a gang member. If you steal one, you can RP with it for a while but you wouldn't keep it all day, and you'd probably burn it or destroy it.)


Gang members are ONLY allowed to IC'ly own businesses which cost $30,000 or less at market price.

(You would probably RP that you saved up together and bought a bar for like 20 grands or something, not 500 grands. And you could probably own barbers, gyms and things like that. You definately shouldn't own businesses like dealerships and mod shops and such which have high market prices.)


Gangs really shouldn't try and claim whole areas as their turf. A couple of streets is plenty really. IC'ly if gangs did try to control whole areas, they would end up messing with people more clever than them like mafias and such and end up getting fucked over.

Gang Wars

If your gang gets killed by another gang, you shouldn't go and RP with them for atleast a few hours. And you shouldn't just attack them, you should re-start the RP from the beginning, not just raid them.


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