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Gang Whoring!

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Gang Whoring
Gang Whoring and Cop Whoring has been added to the rules properly now.

1. You cannot provoke cops for a chase. If your intent is obviously just to get a chase and run, you're cop whoring. You will be jailed for 30 minutes for doing so.

2. Cops cannot sit next to gang members in marked uniform, just staring at them, provoking them and making them just wanna shoot you. Ever had an idiot faggio bumming your cruiser for ages? And you just wanna whip out your deagle and kill them? It's the same the other way round.

If you wanna investigate people, take a camera, and do it discretely.

Don't hover behind them at 2mph in a cruiser in uniform, and DO NOT just go up to a group of unarmed people and frisk them.

It's either law or illegal here, so i mean, sure OOC'ly you KNOW they are criminals.

But there is two points I want to make.

1. There is millions of criminals in real life, without photographs and such and a few conversations with the criminal records bureau (what it's called in the UK) you wouldn't know if they were a criminal.

2. If you have done your time, you are no longer a criminal anymore. Don't assume they will have a gun again, they WILL, but act like real police here. The SECOND they touch your marked cruisers you cry like omg they steal marked car ban them, but if you follow their asses you just get away with it? It's no longer possible to do this.

If you see a group of 10 african american or mexicans walking down, if they're not fighting, carrying weapons or anything, just drive straight past them and assume nothing of it.

I know you would remember arresting them, but IRL, cops handle like 100 different people a day, so they wouldn't even remember many people from like 48 hours ago. So just drive past them.

Ofcourse when they have guns or if they are fighting etc. If they are fighting, just spray them, split them up and tell them to fucking leave each other alone.

IRL, fighters get probably 3-4 chances before they are arrested.

And if they have bats, tell them to put them down, and ask them why they have it. Maybe they could RP that they all were part of a baseball team and such. It would be funny to just be civil about things.

If a cop in the UK atleast sees 2 people with bats walking down the street, they would calmly approach them and ask them why, or if they were hitting someone they would tackle them / taze them, definately not shoot them (considering UK police do not carry guns, and we are a heavily populated island with 60 million people, hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the cities etc, we are very successful with law enforcement).

Just try to use your gun as a last resort, or to take out vehicles and such.


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