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True Roleplay Rules

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True Roleplay Rules
1. Do not metagame on Maniac Roleplay. Metagaming is where you abuse your out of character (real life) knowledge when playing in character. An example of metagaming would be reading John's nametag on his head, which only your real life person sees, not your character, and making your character say "Hello John". In real life, you do not know the person's name until he or someone else tells you it. If he tells you a fake name, you may have to go by it as you have no knowledge of what his real name is.

2. Do not powergame on Maniac Roleplay. Powergaming can be split into two definitions, one being doing things which you cannot possibily do in real life, and another being roleplaying in a manner which does not let another person choose what outcome their character has. An example of the first definition would be: If you are in a police chase, and you fall off your motorcycle, you would realistically be wounded and unable to continue, especially if you fall off a second time. An example of the second definition would be: /me forces John onto the ground. While you attempted to push John on the ground, he may have pushed you back or dodged out of the way. Always attempt to do something, for example, /me attempts to push John on the ground, does he succeed?, and this will give a chance for John to react.

3. Do not abuse any bugs on Maniac Roleplay. There are many types of bugs, such as script bugs, which could be errors with commands or systems, or San Andreas bugs, for example walls that you can drive through, or places that you can enter but you cannot realistically get in there. An example of a script bug would be using an animation while falling off of a building, to prevent you from loosing health, and an example of a San Andreas bug would be minimising the game to prevent you from being shot or injured when you are being shot at. We cannot help these bugs, so please do not take advantage of that.

4. Do not Deathmatch on Maniac Roleplay. A simple definition of Deathmatching is killing or attacking someone when your character has no reason to do so. For example, if you randomly make your character run up and kill someone with a gun, that is deathmatching, as that person's character had not done anything to your character.

5. Do not mess around OOC'ly on Maniac Roleplay without the permission of an administrator. They will specifically give you a blue name if they are allowing you to be OOC only and exempt from roleplay, and if you do not have a blue name, you MUST roleplay. The server is a Roleplay server, so unless you have been specifically made OOC only by an admin, you are not allowed to mess around in ways which is not roleplay. For example, having OOC gunfights, having OOC races, or anything which goes against roleplay. Some examples of non-roleplay would be dive-bombing people with an airplane, ramming people with cars, and just hitting down lamp posts when you go around.

6. Hacking or cheating is NOT allowed whatsoever on Maniac Roleplay. If you spawn money, vehicles, weapons, or anything, you will be banned from our server instantly. It is one thing making a mistake and going against the rules, but when you connect to the server with modified San Andreas games which make you fly, or get 9999999$ money, that completely goes against morals, ethics, and the purpose of Roleplay. You are a disgrace to the SA-MP community if you use any modified games while playing online. This includes trainers, money generators, teleporters, health hacks, auto aim, armour hacks, weapon hacks, and EVERY type of hack.

7. Do not shoot out of the car as the driver on Maniac Roleplay. Unfortunately, San Andreas forces the driver of a vehicle to have auto aim when they shoot out of the window of a vehicle, so we have to disallow this. It can give immense advantages, resulting in someone being killed without you putting any effort or strategy into it. It is unrealistic, non-roleplay, and unfair.

8. Do not PM administrators for help. It is called Private Messages for a reason, it is because it is their private inbox for them to talk to their friends about fun things and whatever they want. They do not want to listen to your help requests if you do not use /report. Always use /report when you want to get hold of an administrator, because then it will appear on ALL of their screens, and the available one can come, and the busy one won't.

9. Do not OOC'ly insult people ANYWHERE on Maniac Roleplay. This includes the forums, the server, the ventrilo, and EVERY other means of communication we have. Some examples of OOC chats /p, /b, /o, /dr and /f. If your real life person is insulting their real life person, it will not be tolerated.

10. Do not spam any chat, as it is disrespectful and immature. People do not want to see "OMFG WTF" 100 times on their screen, once is enough. Especially do not spam report or peoples PM inboxes.

11. Unless a member of the senior administration rules over a decision, which very rarely happens as our administration team are more than capable of making their own minds up, what the administrator says goes, regardless of how many people are against them. If you have a problem with an administrator, send a ticket in using the Senior Support System. However if you have no screenshots, we can not deal with the situation.

12. You are not allowed to create advertisements regarding firearms and/or drugs. You are not allowed to use any sort of coverup words.

14. OOC racism is NOT tolerated at all. It looks stupid when people are running round the forums saying racist terms OOC.

15. Players under level 3 cannot be scammed or robbed any money. You can do it for the RP, but anything they pay you must be payed back.

16. A trade must be either OOC or IC, not both.

17. The scam/rob limit is $25,000. If you scam any more than that, you must pay everything back except $25,000 within 15 minutes. You can NOT scam property however you pretend to sell property and keep the money.

18. Do not steal marked (with sirens / with logos) government vehicles unless you are being chased by them and they left it unlocked or you have permission from a member of the Senior Administration.

19. You cannot burn down properties / commit any acts of terrorism without permission from a member of the Senior Administration.

20. Do not give people the answers for the tutorial at the start. If they can roleplay they will be able to pass it.

21. Do not use abbreviations in In Character chat mediums. This includes things like lol and wtf. You would actually say "What the fuck.." in real life, you wouldn't say.. "Double you.. tee... eff...". Or you would actually laugh, like "/me laughs", instead of.. "L O L..".

22. Speak English in ALL chats apart from /pm. /pm is the ONLY place you can speak foreign languages.

23. You cannot force somebody to perform a Character Kill. After every death, the person who died can choose whether it is a PK (Just respawn and forget about what happened) or a CK (Pay the required fees to get a name change). You cannot make anybody sign anything agreeing to CK when you kill them.

24. You can only be in one illegal faction and one legal faction. Breaking this rule will mean you will be forcefully removed from all factions you are in and you will receive a 2 week faction ban.

25. Do not advertise any other servers on Maniac Roleplay. Also, do not advertise True Roleplay on any other servers.

26. Do not bunnyhop on Maniac Roleplay. Bunnyhopping means repeatedly pressing the jump button to get forward faster, you would not jump forward to get to locations faster in real life.

27. You are not allowed to AFK on Maniac Roleplay. However, if you wish to AFK for a short while, do it in your house. Keep in mind that there's an auto kicker which kicks you after 15 minutes of inactivity.

28. You can not claim that you are OOC unless an administrator has given you OOC status.

29. Do not Car Death Match. A definition of car DM would be hitting somebody with your car repeatedly or parking your car on them. Running somebody over once is not considered to be car DM.

30. Do not moan OOC'ly during a roleplay scene. If you think you are being deathmatched or likely, use /report. But keep on roleplaying. If no admin responds, take screenshots and report it on the forums. But you still have to finish the roleplay scene.

31. Do not use the command "/attempt" on other players. You can only use /attempt on objects such as vehicles or firearms. In order to attempt something on a player you must type something similar to this: "/me attempts to spit in John's face".

32. If you allow your character to die in a role play situation, you force a CK on yourself. You are required to pay the fees for a name change.

33. CLEO modifications are not allowed in any circumstances (Except ELM and Snow Mod). You will be asked to remove reasonable CLEO mods. Any unreasonable modifications may result in a ban from Maniac Roleplay.

34. You may not use any mods which change any of the config or data files in San Andreas. You may not mod any map models, for example, placing extra objects or taking objects out or making it possible to drive through objects. Mods which are considered acceptable are: Vehicles (txd + dff), Sounds, Weapons (txd + dff), Roads (txd only), HUD, Buildings (txd only).

35. No factions may be sold to another player, IC OR OOC. Once you have a faction, you CANNOT change the type of faction, without having to be reviewed by the administration team (For example, if you have a mafia, you cannot change this to a gang). Factions cannot shut down other factions without the consent of senior adminstration. Do not ask for anything admin related through the faction chat. Only Senior Administration may grant exceptions, however this is VERY unlikely to occur.

36. You cannot insult anybody OOC'ly in your avatar or signature. Your signature or avatar should not cause offense to anybody. Your avatar or signature should not contain anything racist or anything which involves serious hatred to any group of people. You cannot have any extreme political symbols or pictures in your avatar or signature ( extreme meaning far right (fascism) or far left (communism) ).

37. It is allowed to make deals involving IRL cash on Maniac Roleplay. However, you cannot advertise this anywhere. You can place it in your forum signature. Sort out your deals in private. You CANNOT sell accounts on True Roleplay. Note: True RolePlay Staff will NOT assist you incase you've been scammed during an OOC/IRL Deal. It is your own responsibility. We are not responsible for your loss.

38. You have no right to choose where your business is located if it is not allowed to be applied for. The decision lays with the Senior Administration.

40. You have no right to change the model of your unique vehicle.

41. OOC text is not tolerated in the In Character forum section, regardless of brackets. The only permitted ways are either a thread author requesting OOC information or a poster providing requested OOC information.

42. You are not allowed to steal from government lockers and kiosks, regardless of what key you have stolen. You are also not allowed to be invited to a faction to use any government radios you have stolen. You must instruct them what to write. Also remember, even if you have robbed a vehicle key from an officer, Rule 18 still applies!

43. You are not allowed to rape another player without the OOC agreement of him/her.

44. Everybody must wait 20 minutes before returning to their previous RP scene AFTER leaving a hospital operation.

45. Your signature cannot be any higher than 250PX and it cannot be any wider than 700PX. This includes text.

46. You should not report asking how much cash somebody has. Admins do not have to give this information about, and you do not need to know it OOC'ly.

47. TFA and SAPD are the only two factions allowed to use Ventrilo for IC purposes. When they are not driving and are standing near somebody who is not part of their faction they MUST use a /me to signal that they are speaking on a radio.


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